"Baby, just make sure you’re doing the drugs and the drugs aren’t doing you"

30 year old woman I did cocaine with over the summer (via satan-clit)

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One Day

One day, you’re going to stop trying to fill the void that he left
You’re going to stop trying to forget all that he gave you
And all that he kept from you.
One day, you’re going to stop trying to wash his touch off of your body
You’re going to stop wishing that you never laid eyes on him
One day he’s going to stop being your entire world
And he’ll be nothing more than the dust on your fingertips
A passing thought
A passing person
A passing pain


A thought in October; Autumn is coming. (via inaseparateworld)

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"Never expect someone to respect your feelings because you respected theirs. Never expect someone not to hurt you because you would never hurt them."

"The only time a goodbye is painful is when you know you’ll never say hello again."